Well, we don’t have much time for hobbies but on Sunday, I needed a break between Anatomy and dialogue study, so I went to the ocean for a quick swim. A surfer approached me in the water, asking me if I wanted to have a go with his board! I was surprised but delighted. It was really cool because he happens to be a lifeguard so he could help me with the rips and his board was nice and thick. Believe it or not, I managed to catch a few waves and that was the best feeling!

Other than that:

  • Jessica has been playing violon for me – she is so talented
  • We celebrated Beth’s birthday with 4 others at a very nice restaurant – yuhm
  • After Bikram’s lectures, we can watch Indian movies in the lecture room (from midnight to 3am)I have done it once, it was really fun… but not so fun to wake up a few hours later for a hard study day..
  • There was an earthquake yesterday. The room was moving sideways for about 10 seconds – nothing serious, it’s pretty common here...but freecky when you are not used to it!