Busy studying

Another two weeks have passed... we have mostly been busy studying with 3 hours of anatomy lectures each day and posture clinics (which is where we study postures and dialogue). The funny part is that you see 300 yogies, scatted around the hotel, stuying and practicing....

At the pool

At another pool

At the beach

In the main lobby

In another lobby

In the auditorium in front of 300 students and teachers

Here is the little spot where I study at the weekends and during lunch time breaks. I like it there because it's nice and quite with a mix of shade and sun and it's located between the swiming pool and the ocean...

So far, so good: I scored A+ in speech, 95% at the Anatomy exam and I am doing pretty well with posture clinics so far... it is the result of hard work but I am very passionate about it all so it's well worth it and I hope I can keep it up :)